Gelex (Ultrasound Cavitation)

Services Information

This is an innovative treatment for reducing the fat, which speeds up the time to give you a slim figure without getting hurt. This is different from other ultrasound waves in that this wave is a lower than 1 MHz sound wave. It creates bubbles in the fat cell making them swell and burst like balloons popping. Then the micro fat acid will flow into the lymphatic glands and into the veins and will be excreted safely with no harm to the muscles, the bones and the fat tissues around it. As a result, the fat tissues become thinner. This can be combined with the other treatments ( Carboxy , Thema B , Mestherapy ) to increase the efficiency of the treatment.

The results
  •        The body fat can be eliminated giving a client worry-free from the Yo – Yo effect.
  •        The problems on unsmooth skin due to the cellulite can be eliminated even from only the first treatment.
  •       The skin will become tight forever, no more a flabby looking.
  •        This works even with a person who just has a baby or who has just had a fat-sucking operation.